Monday, October 1, 2012

Past 38 weeks & a Game Plan

Well, I had my appointment this morning! Saturday was 38 weeks and full term for the twins. Unfortunately, I haven't really dilated any more, but my cervix is anterior now like my midwife noted on Wednesday. She did strip my membranes to try and get things going today. My nausea and things are signs of labor, but she said I'm definitely not in active labor now and is hoping this will start it. Worst case, I have an appointment on Thursday and tentative induction on Friday. She said I'm still stretchy and could be stretched to a 4, but my cervix is still not thinning or acting like I'm in labor now. So, hopefully I can get some real contractions started. It shouldn't take much to induce if we have to & hopefully this will do it. I have had some contractions since the appointment, but so far nothing strong or consistent.

My midwife was initially hoping that I was dilated more and said if I was that they would send me in and break my bag to get things going without meds. They do not expect me to go until Friday, but if I do, I think they're looking more at trying to just start things and see if labor will pick up on its own. I think if I just start contracting consistently, they will be willing to break my bag at any point this week. The only reason they will induce is if I want it, which is why we are not just jumping in today, because even though I am very uncomfortable I really want to let my body do this on its own. The only other concern is their placentas getting too mature. So, that could cause less than ideal oxygen flow for them during labor, but she said that waiting until the end of the week isn't concerning. 

So, for now, we are waiting (and hoping) that what she did today will kick start contractions and I can just go into labor on my own as planned. Otherwise, we will for sure have babies by Friday. Thank you for the prayers and please do keep praying! 

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