Friday, September 28, 2012

Just waiting!

Well, we had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and I just had my last NST and ultrasound today! Basically, tomorrow is 38 weeks and everyone still looks healthy and in position. Callen had dropped even lower (my cervix is no longer posterior) by Wednesday, my midwife could tell just from the basic ultrasound, but I was not examined in hopes that I could hold out until today when my doctor gets back in town. Plus, I haven't been having contractions or anything, so there was no real need to check unless I wanted to be checked. After my experience with the fill-in doctor last Friday, I was more wanting to err on the side of caution and just try to stick it out for my doctor to get back.

That brings us to today! My NST went great, both babies are still moving and their hearts are nice and strong. I got quite a few comments about how great they were at the hospital last Friday too, haha. My ultrasound showed that Haylee is measuring just at 5lbs and Callen is measuring at 5lbs 9oz or so. Basically, their measurements are give or take a pound at this point. They are both head down still and everything looks nice and healthy for both of them. 

Honestly, I feel like having twins is a fine-tuned waiting game. Getting to 38 weeks was always a hoped for goal & we've done a lot to help ensure it, but now that we are there (well, tomorrow, but still) they want me to deliver right now! >.< Now, hopefully I will deliver sometime this weekend on my own, but if not, I have an appointment on Monday with my doctor and we will be talking induction. Whether that day, or later on in the week, I'm not sure. Basically, it is just not usually the best option to carry twins longer than 38 weeks so we have to make a plan. 

I am so very ready to be done now. I have been very uncomfortable, I have pain and pressure from Callen's head being so low, and I've been dealing with a whole lot of nausea for the last week. Seeing the babies looking so good and knowing they've had more time to get their lungs developed and gain some more weight is definitely worth it all. But, please pray that I go into labor before Monday! I was induced with Noah, and I did it with no pain meds, but I really do not want to re-live that experience while delivering two babies! The birth plan is great--I will have my OB, a midwife, and a doula, plus Ben. Everyone is on the same page and ready for a natural, epidural free delivery...just as soon as labor starts! I really feel like this waiting for labor to kick in again is more stressful than the actual labor, because I know what to expect the labor to be like and I know the end result can't be too far away! lol But honestly, just pray we get this ball rolling, I really can't wait to hold my babies! <3

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  1. you jinxed it Tricia!!! ughhh good job. Just kidding(: Always praying sis ;)