Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, Hello Again!

Four months! I cannot believe it has been four months since I last wrote! The twins are all getting big ::sniffle!:: and so much has happened! Honestly, so much is happening all the time at our house now--which is probably why it has been this long, but I am here to say...
Hello Again! 

I actually really miss writing, it's a fun and very fulfilling outlet, so I've decided to give the blog a small facelift & continue documenting our journey as a family! Maybe, answer some questions that I get asked frequently, talk about how I parent & who I am. If you're along for the ride, that's great. If not, I'll have fun talking to myself! ;) 

To start off my new blogging journey, I present to you my latest creation: Noah's Busy Book! 

I am way more excited about this little big endeavor than Noah is, but that is just how it goes sometimes. What is a busy book? Simply a book full of things to keep your child busy. Why take on this task? Well, I think busy books are adorable, a great learning tool, and a *hopefully* great occupier for little hands. So, me and my crazy mommy ambition created this thing and, boy, am I glad it's done! I'd like to say that I'll make one for each of my children, but in all honesty, the twins may end up fighting over Noah's--assuming it holds up long enough.
I have here an eight page, handmade, felt creation. It took me about two weeks of "off time" (whatever that is), and what I like to call "Mommy is insane crying babies and mischievous toddler time".  Catchy, right? :) I decided to only use things I already had on hand in my stash of crafting supplies so that this thing didn't cost time and money. Thankfully, I do have quite a lot of random junk. :)
Alas, I have finished it in time for our 8 hour car trip to Ohio. That, my friends, equals success. Don't ask me if I've showered today, though. ;)

Front and Back Covers--felt with fabric paint & a ribbon tie closure

First page!--Button flaps with a star & heart underneath

Second & Third Pages!--felt balloon snaps that are attached to the page with yarn & a felt "outfit" with suspenders that can be clipped & unclipped

Fourth & Fifth Pages!--felt shape matching, attached with velcro & a counting caterpillar made with felt, magnets and smashed bottle caps. All attached with yarn (that may get tangled, I know, but better than losing pieces all of the time).

Sixth & Seventh Pages!--a felt shoe with ribbon "laces" to practice tying (eventually) & my version of a simple abacus out of yarn & beads

Last, but not least, the Eighth Page! (and already Noah's favorite)--a simple zipper!

Thanks for stopping by! ;)
Love & Prayers,


  1. This is so cool. My son in law Jim has something like this that his grandmother made for him as a baby and he has passed it down to his kids now, still in tact and still fun. So this could be a new family heirloom for your family someday too!!
    Linda Schmitt

    1. That is so neat! I hope it holds up, I did everything I could think of to make it durable. I hand stitched, hot glued, and used the sewing machine for the whole thing! haha :)