Friday, March 22, 2013

Bathroom DIY

Well, as many of you know, when I left for our little vacation with the kids Ben stayed home with a plan of renovating our bathroom--and finishing it by the time we got back. Well, that four day plan turned into a four week plan (and counting). Not his fault--let me clarify that. There has just been every bump, hiccup, wrong turn, and problem there could possibly be. We all stayed with my in laws up until yesterday, and we have finally moved back in with a functioning, but still not complete bathroom. We quite obviously went over our time plan, and unfortunately we went way over budget too. Times such as this influence creative thinking. ;)

While at my in laws, I was discussing with Ben's mom that we still didn't have a vanity mirror/medicine cabinet and I wasn't sure how we were going to get one. Later on, she came out of her room with a mirror that I had actually bought years before on clearance for super cheap. I must have accidentally left it there, and I completely forgot about it. It was rough--an ugly color and one corner chipped, but I had gotten for like .50 and figured I might be able to do something with it.

Finding the mirror now was perfect timing, and this was a little blessing that I needed in all this chaos. I really do enjoy a good DIY project, and I was able to use my fabric flower skills that I've honed from my little side business for this project as well. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

I repaired the busted corner with some hot glue, sanded it a bit, then covered up the mirror and spray painted the frame. I did a primer coat, then two glossy chocolate brown coats. The corner I repaired still looked a little rough, so I decided to use some fabric I had on hand to make some little rosettes. Add a couple pearls, glue them on, and viola! My new vanity mirror that seriously cost me less than $5 to make! (Plus, the spray paint has a rebate, so I'm getting $2 back! Haha)

I just had to share my bathroom happiness for the week, and I promise that when we actually are DONE, done with the bathroom, I will share all of our before and after pics! :)

Love & Prayers,


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