Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things Needed...

Well, I keep getting questions about what we need for the babies, so, I created a registry to answer that. I want to make it clear that we do not expect anything from anyone; and with that being said, we truly do appreciate any help we do get! I was not thinking of having a baby shower, but I guess there are two, so it's not as simple as normal when you've already had a baby. Either way, I'm not expecting one, and I'm certainly not throwing myself one, lol! So, this is just here for those who have been asking.

We do have all of Noah's things still, so we are not without everything by any means. In fact, worst case, we could get by with what we have (with the exception of needing clothes for Haylee) and just make things work, so these things are items that we do not have and would like to have, just to make this whole thing a lot easier.

Now, I'm posting this registry from Walmart, but if you are looking to buy us something, I honestly do not care if anything is second hand. Buy used & save the difference! :) I just figured that finding what we are looking for and listing it in one place with all the pictures and info would be a lot easier than just making up a list myself. 
I would love for any of you to help with finding the strollers or any of the big items at garage sales, thrift stores, Craigslist or whatever. I enjoy the "hunt" myself, but Ben and I have one car & I have a toddler, so I can't be everywhere at once. ;) I know that where we are currently financially, I do not have a couple hundred dollars to just spend even if I do find something for a great deal, but if I know the deal is there, my husband has been working side jobs and we may be able to swing something if it is worth it, so I do want to know. :)

So, here is the "official" list:

Includes the mini cribs, strollers we want, nursing items I'd like, carriers, equipment that we need, & some storage items (ie: dresser, space bags, & the storage ottoman) that we are hoping for. **The colors of the wraps or nursing pillow, ect don't really matter if you find something cheaper somewhere else or have something to give us. The strollers and cribs are really the main things where we are specifically wanting those in particular. I just registered for two of their cheapest white bassinets--they have good reviews & should be the best space option for those first couple of months for us. Plus, I can add some pink and blue ribbon to make them more fun. ;)

Preemie Clothes for Haylee & Callen The hope is that we won't need these for long, but chances are the babies will be small when they're born. We shouldn't need a plethora of this size, but some definitely won't hurt! *We do have a handful of preemie clothes for both babies now, a little more won't hurt, but we shouldn't need too much more.

Clothes for Haylee! Really, we have no girl clothes except the things we have been given since we found out, so any girl clothing in any size or girl items (bibs, burp cloths, baby towels, shoes, ect) are needed! And don't worry, I have PLENTY of clothes for Callen :)

We will also be cloth diapering--I still have Noah's Flips, but we could use:
  •  More Flip covers & inserts in girl colors (I'm looking to get around 5 covers & 20 stay dry inserts) Which can be found on the Cotton Babies Website *I now have a Cotton Babies Registry, which can be found here. The items listed will take you to the correct link, but you have to select the colors and snap closures (please NO hook & loop!) yourself. The colors I'm wanting are listed on the registry page, but they won't automatically be selected for you.
  • I also need Newborn sized covers and inserts for both babies (Probably 4 boy covers & 4 girl covers, & 30 nb inserts) which can be bought at my friend's site Sew Cute **They may not be listed in the nb size, but if you e-mail her she will definitely be able to get you all the info**
  • Also, at Sew Cute are wet bags (I'm hoping to have 2-3 more) & regular sized covers that work with my Flip system that I wouldn't mind having at all! (Some really cute girl and boy patterns that Flip doesn't offer)
  • I also am wanting a couple pail liners for my diaper pail and a diaper sprayer (which is on my Cotton Babies Registry)
Sidenote: we are looking into a storage loft bed for Noah: The siblings will all be sharing a room, so we are trying to figure out as many ways to make it as functional as possible. I found this bed at The drawer space and shelving is ideal--we don't need a desk or anything. But, the hefty price tag makes it a probable no. So, if anyone comes across something similar second hand, PLEASE let me know!
**We found a loft bed off craigslist that my sister (who lives with us) is going to use and it will become Noah's bed once the twins grow out of their cribs. That way, they can all still share a room and the toddler beds can go underneath it. For now, we are taking a small piece of furniture out of the nursery, rearranging things, and the mini cribs and Noah's current bed should fit. We are now looking into either a short, long dresser for the twins' clothes that will fit in the closet, or two small dressers that will fit together into the closet. I did find a dresser that would work on and it has been added to the registry :)

We should have another car seat, an extra swing, and an extra bumbo from people who have already offered. (Extra Thank You!! inserted here to those people!) ;)
Like I said before, we do not expect anything, this post is really my own checklist and for those who want to help. I know God will provide for these little ones, just as He always has for us--sometimes that is through others & we honestly do not take that for granted. To anyone who wants to help, anyone who already has, anyone who is praying, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! <3

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