Monday, June 11, 2012

This is real!

 Well, we had our first doctor's appointment since we had the ultrasound last Monday! Really, there were no surprises this time, (thankfully! haha) and everything is still looking good. They check the babies' hearts on an ultrasound each visit now and they were both still looking great. Haylee is apparently quite the little stinker, though! She would not stay still for the midwife and I asked how she was positioned exactly--apparently she is kicking her brother! And so it begins! ;)

I am 22 weeks along now, which makes the babies somewhere around 10-11 inches long & almost 1 lb each! I will be having my Glucose test to check for diabetes, probably this week, so prayers for that are appreciated. Other than that, my next ultrasound is July 3rd and my next doctor's appointment is July 10th!  I can't wait to see my babies again <3
*Updated Prayer Requests:
(Bold are new things/info!)
  • My health-- I am currently healthy, but I am at high risk for preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and most concerning, preterm labor. *I will go sometime this week for my Glucose test for diabetes*
  • Callen & Haylee's health & growth--they are both currently healthy, PTL, but keep praying that they grow at the same rate and stay healthy for a safe delivery
  • My delivery--I really would 100% prefer to be able to deliver naturally & without an epidural. A C-section is my worst fear. Obviously, I will do whatever it takes for my babies, but I would greatly appreciate the prayers to be able to do it on my own with no complications. This is possible, and no, I'm not crazy. :) *As long as the first baby comes head down, a natural delivery is the plan*
  •  Noah--to adjust well, as this will hit him as a surprise more than anyone else
  • 38 weeks is considered Full term for twins and that is my goal. My official due date is October 13th, which puts 38 weeks at September 29th.**My doctors' goal is 35 weeks, but they won't rush anything if I go longer. Obviously, the longer they're cooking the more developed they will be!**
  • Our finances--Ben works two jobs plus sides jobs now, I would love for him to find one, good, full time job that he enjoys.
  • A big enough car--we currently have a 2 door cavalier >.<
  • Wisdom in this whole journey!
  • That I will be able to fully breastfeed these babies--I *should* be able to, just pray for my emotions, and that I can keep up with taking care of myself so I am healthy enough to nurse both without supplementing.
  • That we can figure out an affordable storage solution--we're looking into a shed or something for all the baby things and clothes. Our house is pretty small :) 

We truly appreciate your prayers and support, it means so much to our whole little family!

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