Wednesday, August 22, 2012

32 Week Ultrasound!

Yesterday I had yet another ultrasound! I am 32 weeks along now and everything is still looking great, PTL! :)

The babies are still growing right along their own growth curves, and the weight difference between them is even less now. Haylee is now measuring at 3lbs 4oz and Callen is measuring at 3lbs 7oz. As always, their hearts, fluid levels, and everything else look great. Callen seems to be my cooperative, calm boy and is still head down. Thankfully, he seems to be holding out for the presenting position, and if it stays that way, that is one step closer to being able to deliver naturally. Haylee really worries me, I really think we have a serious little stinker on our hands! ;) She was sideways, with her head to the right, all the way into my liver and ribs. (Which explains a lot of the recent discomfort I've had!) She is still moving like crazy, and I am just praying that she settles head down sometime soon!

This ultrasound was fun too, because my little man was yawning and it was just so cute and amazing to see. Haylee was FINALLY face up, however, she had her entire fist in her mouth and wouldn't take it out. Doesn't make for a good picture, but it is still so neat to see. The technology we have is just incredible, and it just makes me so anxious to hold my babies! :)

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I'm fairly certain we will be starting the NSTs (Non-Stress Tests) and more monitoring after this to keep an eye on how the babies are doing and if I am showing any signs of labor. It is so hard to believe that we are really in the home stretch, but I am so ready to be! haha

Here are the best pictures we got of each baby yesterday: 

This one is our Mr. Callen Daniel--I still think his profile is very similar to Noah's :)

This one is our Miss. Haylee Anne--her forehead and nose are to the left, and then you basically see a blob where her mouth is completely open and her fist is shoved all the way in her mouth ;)

I also updated my Pregnant Belly Pics with the most recent 32 week picture today. :)

Once again, thank you so much for the continued prayers and support. I am definitely feeling the soreness and exhaustion that comes along with carrying two babies, but things are just going so well and I know it is because so many people have been praying. Our whole family is just so grateful! :)

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