Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 Weeks and Counting!

Well, I had my (rescheduled) doctor's appointment today! I am 30.5 weeks along and, praise God, all is still going well! Callen is still head down, and well, Miss. Haylee (being the stinker that she is) has flipped again and is head up. No worries there for now though, both babies were moving like crazy today and she has plenty of time (and apparently, room, lol!) to flip once again. Both hearts look good and fluid levels are high. 

As for me, I have officially gained 17.5 lbs, which puts me almost exactly where I was at 3 days overdue with Noah where I gained 18 lbs total. Seems right on track and boy am I feeling it! haha I am having to wear a maternity belt almost all the time now, and I do have a lot of muscle discomfort, but all of it is expected, no worries! 

I am really thankful for the great doctors and midwives I have, they really make me feel comfortable and are so reassuring. It is great having the blessing of medical care that you love, I can't imagine going through all of this with any other people.

I have updated my belly pictures with the latest one from Sunday, which you can check out  here! And my Things Needed post is always up to date. (There have been a few minor additions/changes to the registry and just FYI to anyone who might be looking to buy something, if you do intend to buy from walmart a lot of it is online only, but can be shipped to the store for free.)

It has also been awhile since I have specifically mentioned what to pray for, so here is that as well! :)

*Updated Prayer Requests:
(Bold are new things/info!)
  • My health-- I am currently healthy, but I am at high risk for preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and most concerning, preterm labor. *I still am not showing any signs of any complications, PTL, but please pray for my discomfort in these last few weeks! :)
  • Callen & Haylee's health & growth--they are both currently healthy, PTL, but keep praying that they grow at the same rate, and grow enough to be nice &  healthy for a safe delivery
  • My delivery--I really would 100% prefer to be able to deliver naturally & without an epidural. A C-section is my worst fear. Obviously, I will do whatever it takes for my babies, but I would greatly appreciate the prayers to be able to do it on my own with no complications. This is possible, and no, I'm not crazy. :) *As long as the first baby comes head down, a natural delivery is the plan*
  •  Noah--to adjust well, as this will hit him as a surprise more than anyone else
  • 38 weeks is considered Full term for twins. My official due date is October 13th, which puts 38 weeks at September 29th.*My doctors' goal "safe date" is 35 weeks but they won't rush anything if I go longer. Obviously, the longer they're cooking the more developed they will be! My personal goal is 37 weeks so that they will hopefully avoid the NICU*
  • Our finances--Ben works two jobs plus sides jobs now, I would love for him to find one, good, full time job that he enjoys.
  • A big enough car--we currently have a 2 door cavalier >.< *As of Monday, we should be the proud owners of a 2002 Mini Van! God has truly opened some doors for us & we are very excited and relieved.
  • Wisdom in this whole journey!
  • That I will be able to fully breastfeed these babies--I *should* be able to, just pray for my emotions, and that I can keep up with taking care of myself so I am healthy enough to nurse both without supplementing.
  • That we can figure out an affordable storage solution--we're looking into a shed or something for all the baby things and clothes. Our house is pretty small :) 
Thank you so much for all the prayers and support, I know they've gotten us this far. Can you believe it? We're in the home stretch!! :) 

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