Friday, August 31, 2012

First NST & a Happy Mistake

I had my first NST this morning and I wasn't sure how it would go for two. I had NSTs with Noah, but they monitor the hearts and your contractions--and I didn't know if I would just have three straps instead of two or what. Well, they called me back and brought me into an ultrasound room.  I thought it was odd, but I figured it was just different with twins and didn't say anything. So, just as the tech was finding where the babies were (and noting that both are head down again! yay!) one of the girls popped in and told her that I was just an NST and wasn't supposed to be there! Haha. That was our happy mistake though, because the tech said since I was all prepped & started she would see about getting me a few pics anyway. Finally, this is how we got our first real peek at our little Miss. Haylee Anne! :) Her umbilical cord is a little in the way, but you can still see her face pretty well. I really think both these babies are little Noah clones! They all at least seem to have the same nose--their daddy's. ;) 

Anyway, the NST went great, both their little hearts are beating just right & it is actually kind of crazy to hear them going at it at the same time through the monitor. Now, we are all set until my next appointment on Tuesday evening! There are so many visits from here on out, before we know it, they will be here!

I'll put Haylee's 3D from today here, but I also created an Ultrasound Pictures! page so everyone could see them all in one place! Hope you all enjoy! ;)

Haylee Anne at 33 weeks & 6 days!

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