Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We're in the Home Stretch!

So, I had my appointment (that was rescheduled from last week) yesterday and everything is still looking good! I am 33 1/2 weeks along and everyone is still looking great. Callen is still head down and presenting first, while Miss. Haylee is now head up, but still perfectly fine. Both of them, or one of them--who knows, has been causing a lot of pain/discomfort for me lately, but it is nothing to be concerned about. It is just from the added pressure and force (in other words, kicking/hitting, haha) in my pelvis. Not fun, but definitely not the worst that could be happening! Also, for those who are curious, I made a little jump in my weight since last appointment! I now have gained a total of 25lbs--I thought that was a surprising jump from 17.5lbs less than three weeks ago! haha :)

I got to talk with my doctor a little more about the delivery, and so far everything is looking good for me to be able to go forward with a natural birth plan. I meet the last of the three midwives next week at my appointment and I will have a midwife and my OB present during the delivery. As long as there are no obvious complications and whichever baby does come first is head down, I will be able to labor normally with a midwife, and even use the laboring tubs that they have at the hospital. I will deliver in the operating room just in case of an emergency, but I am very excited at the thought of such a different labor process from when I had Noah. I was induced with him and couldn't get up for anything, plus none of the hospital staff was supportive about me not having an epidural. It is a really reassuring feeling to be on the same page with my doctor this time! As long as everything looks good, my plan is to labor without an epidural. 

Please keep praying that I can have both babies without any complications, because in not having an epidural, even if I deliver one and then there is a complication needing a c-section for the other, I will have to be put to sleep. Honestly, if I need a c-section, it will probably be better for me to be out (I have major fear/issues when it comes to surgery!) but, I will miss the baby being born and have to wait for the anesthesia to wear off before I will get to wake up and meet my little one(s). That possibility scares me, but as far as everyone is concerned the babies are positioned well enough & should be small enough for there to be no major problems; and in the worst case where I do have to be put to sleep, it isn't the end of the world. Prayers are definitely still appreciated though! ;)

I do have to start scheduling NSTs (Non Stress Tests) for every week now, along with an appointment at the doctor once a week, and I think I have two more ultrasounds left. My next full ultrasound is on the 10th, and then we will see from there! 35 weeks is when they will not try to stop me from going into labor (less than TWO weeks away!) but our goal is still definitely 37-38 weeks so that the babies have time to keep growing and hopefully won't need to be in the NICU. Although everything looks great, there is always the possibility of my water breaking and labor just starting, so please do keep praying that the timing is just right! :)

I have my 33 week belly shot updated here, and after Noah's birthday party & all that fun dies down this weekend, I'll be sure to add week 34! :)

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