Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ultrasound #2!

Well, we had our second ultrasound at 8am today! I am very happy to report that both Callen & Haylee are doing well and so am I, Praise God! :)

I am currently 25 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Callen is measuring at 1 lb 8 oz, which puts him measuring at 24 wks 3 days, and Haylee is measuring at 1 lb 5 oz, which puts her measuring at 23 wks 3 days. So far, the doctor there is perfectly happy with this. Haylee was a little smaller than Callen last month as well, but it seems to be consistent and not increasing. I am scheduled to go back for another ultrasound in 3 weeks instead of 4, just to make sure she is still growing at the same pace and not losing momentum. The big concern with the babies is that one may take a majority of the nutrients from the placenta and not leave enough for the other. For right now, the doctor is pretty confident that Haylee is simply on a smaller growth curve than Callen and will be just a little more petite, but the ultrasound in three weeks will confirm that.

My cervix is still completely closed with no thinning or anything, praise God. At each ultrasound they check and any signs of that will put me on bed rest! The doctor there has assured me over and over that this is a very healthy pregnancy so far, and since they specialize in ultrasounds and see many multiples pregnancies, it really does make me relieved to hear it from him! :)

Now onto the fun stuff--our little girl seems to be quite the stinker already! Miss. Haylee has her butt and feet covering her brother's head and face and she herself is turned still so we can't see her face either! And she was actively kicking her brother in the head. I'm betting that Callen will be perfectly happy to sleep on his own, apart from her once they're born, haha! ;) The babies were SO active this morning, they were kicking and headbutting the ultrasound tech out of their way, it was too funny.

Here's a picture of Callen's face covered by Haylee's butt. Her hip bones are what's showing. I guess that's a good looking ear! haha


Here's all we could get of Haylee, its just a 2D profile--I think her first one was better. Like I said--little stinker. ;)

Anyway, thank you all so much for all of the prayers and encouragement, it means so much to us all! My next regular doctor's appointment is in one week, on July 10th and the next ultrasound is in three weeks, on July 24th! I've been keeping the Things Needed post updated by adding items I've received on the registry. Keep in mind, so far all those things have been found 2nd hand, and I am perfectly happy with that! :) I have gotten a few preemie things for both babies, and some clothes for Haylee too, but more of either is definitely still needed.

Thanks again from all of us, I look forward to updating you all next week after my doctor's appointment--Keep the prayers coming! :)

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