Friday, September 7, 2012

Update Catch-up!

Well, I got a little behind on updates here, I've been really busy and then I got really sick. But, all is getting better now and I'll give a little recap of the last week! :)

Tuesday Night's Appointment
I had a appointment on Tuesday with the last of the three midwives at my doctor's office. It went really well and she was, in all seriousness, the most positive person I have ever met. Almost comical, but she was so nice and very thorough. How often does any doctor tell you to "Call if you have any concerns, even if it's in the middle of the night. I'd rather get woken up than have you worried!"? I am telling you, I have the best medical staff behind me for this pregnancy. I feel so blessed.

I actually had lost a pound since the last visit, but my measurements and BP were still great. No worries, and both babies' hearts sounded great. Thankfully, I thought to ask about the hospital tours while I was there too, because they are only given by someone from the office once a month, and that happened to be the very next day! So, onto that experience...

Hospital Tour
I will be delivering at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and I had never been there before. Wow, is the first thing that comes to mind. The hospital is gorgeous, everyone there was pleasant and nice, and the new, yes brand  new, birthing rooms are AMAZING. They have three rooms with laboring tubs, the rooms are huge, and I swear they are nicer than hotel rooms. The postpartum rooms are just as nice, just smaller. They have a top of the line NICU, which is obviously a huge relief to know that if something is wrong with my little ones, they will stay right down the hall and not have to be transported anywhere. Plus, if it did come down to it, they turned their old labor rooms into boarding for mothers to stay after they are released if they have a baby still in the NICU.
The hospital has an overall philosophy that is, in my opinion, worlds better than my experience with Noah. They employ their own nurse midwives besides my office providing them, they are all for natural labor (hence the tubs in the rooms), they promote skin to skin immediately and just overall provide a much more pleasant and helpful environment for delivering naturally. 
They also seem to have quite the perks for those staying with you, a little station with a fridge and snacks, microwave, a little coffee room, ect. Parking is free and so simple, and yes, that was an issue when I had Noah. I seriously am actually excited at the opportunity to have my babies there. (Besides the whole pain part, haha!)

Today's NST
Anyway, back to the babies. This morning I had another NST which went well again. Everything is looking good, Haylee is still head down (PTL!) and although Callen takes a bit of stimulation with a little buzzing device they have, they are easily able to get good reads off of both babies. I always give a urine sample and today I had a touch of protein show up, which is normally a sign of high blood pressure, but my BP has been perfectly fine, so the nurse finally determined (after also noting that it was quite strong) that I was just dehydrated. I want to kick myself for letting that happen, but I was so out of it and not feeling well yesterday that I mostly just slept and didn't pay attention to eating or drinking much. I did give myself a bit of a scare yesterday too, because I was having contractions that I was ready to start timing and then they stopped. But, dehydration can cause Braxton Hicks, so I did that to myself (thankfully!).

Anyway, I have a full ultrasound and another doctor's appointment on Monday, and then another NST on Friday! I am really looking forward to seeing where we are at and how big these little ones have gotten. Tomorrow marks 35 weeks, our "safe date"! That is a huge relief, but please keep praying that I can hold onto these babies for at least another two weeks so we can hopefully avoid any NICU time! 

Everything is so close now! We got their cribs and Ben put them together last night, I should have the room organized (along with all the clothes) and all set up by the end of next week, and well, I need to get my bag packed! Pray that I can at least hold out til that gets done, Lord knows me trying to tell Ben what I need from home over the phone would be quite interesting! ;) lol 
As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers! :)

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