Tuesday, September 18, 2012

36 weeks & a stubborn little girl! :)

Yesterday I had another doctor's appointment and I am past the 36 week mark, PTL! It is now really safe for the babies to come. There still may be some chance of lung development not being all the way there, but there is also a good chance that their lungs are fine, and no matter what the NICU can easily handle that issue. This appointment went well, just as all others have. My BP is fine, I've stayed at the same weight (a whole 25lbs for this pregnancy) and the babies look good. Little Miss Haylee really does want to be our difficult one, however, because she flipped once again and was breach.

We discussed everything with my doctor and we are going to go forward with a natural delivery (of course, still in the surgical room, just in case) and he will attempt to flip Haylee if need be. There are risks that come along with this, I can have excessive bleeding, cord prolapse, or detach a placenta. None would be pleasant, but the risk of these things is much lower with a twin delivery than if it were done on a singleton birth, simply because Callen will be out of the womb and there will be a lot more extra room to maneuver. My doctor is actually kind of known for his success rate with this scenario--as told to me by the MFM doctor that I see for my ultrasounds at the hospital. Plus, both babies are small, so that helps. I did however, get to go see my chiropractor and we tried a couple things to hopefully get her to flip back down. She very well could have already, she has moved a LOT since my adjustment, so prayers that she simply has decided to cooperate are obviously appreciated. :) 

I have said all along that I would like to make it past 37 weeks, which would be this Saturday. However, I learned this week that my doctor will be out of town all of next week, which really makes me want to have these little ones before he leaves! No matter what, I still will have a midwife from the office there and my doctor obviously has someone more than qualified to fill in for him, but I'm sure you can understand why I would not want to deliver without him! Especially since we are most likely looking at needing to do the flip for Haylee. He will be back right after I hit the 38 week mark, but if I haven't gone by then, we may be talking induction simply because it is getting really hard on my body. So, I don't want to go THAT long, and I don't want to go while my doctor is gone. That basically leaves me hoping and praying that I go into labor myself this week!

Also, my ear is not really infected anymore, but it is still clogged and holding fluid because of my sinuses. I did a sinus wash this morning, which honestly felt great (I can breathe again! lol) but my ear is still not popping back to normal yet. Clearly, this is not a serious issue, but I'd prefer to be feeling back to "normal" when I go into labor! haha

So, if I could ask everyone to pray specifically:
1) That Haylee will (or has already) flipped back to being head down
2) If she won't flip, that my delivery will be able to go naturally for both & she can be easily & safely turned
3) That I have these babies by Saturday so I can have my doctor there & that they are healthy! :)

Obviously, God has had their birthdays picked out since He formed them in my womb, I keep resting in the fact that He has been in control and so gracious this entire pregnancy. I could not be more thankful. I also truly appreciate all of the love, support, and prayers from everyone around us. We will be welcoming our sweet Callen & Haylee so soon! And we are actually all ready too! Well, as ready as we'll ever be! haha :)

FYI: I finally updated the  Pregnant Belly Pictures  :)
And, here are some pictures of their room (Yes, they are sharing with Noah, but they'll be in our room for awhile. haha) which we just finished last night! 

Each of their beds!

The nursery is all ready & organized! (Big deal too, because I didn't even have it ready when Noah came home! lol!)

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