Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy, Busy Day!

Yesterday I had, by far, the busiest doctor related day yet! My ultrasound was at 9am and my regular check up was at 10:30am...and it didn't end there! Don't worry, I'll explain, haha.

First of all, I am past 35 weeks! Woo hoo! That is such a relief in itself and I am so thankful to everyone who has prayed and covet your prayers as I hope to hold out for almost another two weeks! :)
My ultrasound went great, Haylee Anne is measuring at 4lbs 2oz and Callen Daniel is measuring at 4lbs 12oz. Both babies are developed just how they should be and the doctor there was very pleased with everything! He reassured me that they are perfectly healthy and will just be small, which we did point out is not too bad for delivery's sake! ;) He said that if they decide to stay for just a little bit longer, he sees no reason for them to need to be in the NICU. That is something I needed to hear, and it just makes me pray extra hard to hold out for the next two weeks! We didn't really get any pictures of the little ones, just because they are both very head down and not facing out for a good shot. I am perfectly fine with that, praise God that they are in position! ;)

Now, after that we went to my doctor and met with one of my midwives. She was really happy with everything, I gained the pound I lost last week back (lol) and my abdomen is measuring at 40 weeks, which is right on schedule for twins. They are holding off on any checking of my cervix or anything just as a precaution because doing an exam could potentially induce labor. 
What we caught at this appointment, which really saved us from a possible bad situation, is that I had not had my RhoGAM injection yet! If you aren't familiar with what that is, basically blood can either be RH positive or RH negative. I have RH negative blood, so if one of these babies were to have RH positive blood, my body would create antibodies against theirs and it could potentially cause things like anemia or other issues for the baby. So, I had to call over to the hospital after my appointment and head over to get my blood drawn and an injection to prevent any possible problems, and if after they are born, one (or both) have RH positive blood, I will have to get another injection. Normally, the injection is done oh, about ten weeks sooner, but we should still be fine thankfully. 

I have also had a head cold and super early Saturday morning, I woke up with a bad earache. My cold seemed almost gone and my ear was clogged feeling, but it didn't hurt anymore. So, my midwife told me to try taking some sudafed and if it didn't clear up she wanted me to get my ear checked out to see if I needed an antibiotic. Ben ended up needing to get an quick exam later in the afternoon, so we had my ear checked out too, and it turns out I have a really bad ear infection. And of course, while shopping for some of the last things we need and waiting for our prescriptions to be filled, my ear suddenly started throbbing terribly again. That basically ended my night! We had been out and about trying to find a second hand dresser that will fit in the nursery closet, but we went home and I was down for the count last night. It was a rough night, but I am back to not really having any pain and just trying to rest and let the antibiotics work.

So, yesterday was quite the busy day, but as long as these antibiotics do their job & these babies stay put a little longer we are all good! I really appreciate your prayers & I cannot wait to have my to-do list done and have these precious peanuts in my arms instead of beating up my insides soon! ;)

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