Saturday, September 22, 2012

Long day with a False Alarm

As most of you know, I spent the day in the hospital yesterday thinking (and hoping) I was in labor. Well, I was technically "in labor" but just a very early phase that ended up just stopping by the evening. Since Wednesday I have been having contractions, they would never come too consistently though. Wednesday night I was up until midnight having almost regular contractions, but they died down and I replayed that whole scenario on Thursday. Then, yesterday morning, I woke up at 4am having much harder and consistent contractions at about 5 minutes apart. After an hour of that we called my doctor and they told us to go ahead and come in. 

On the way to the hospital, the contractions slowed, but they still were stronger than the previous two days so they got me all checked in and checked out. I had dilated to a little over 2cm and my cervix was still posterior (very thick) but was soft. Plus, Callen's head was right there and could be touched. So, they monitored me, got an ultrasound (finding out that Haylee has actually flipped back head down--go chiropractic! and PTL!) and then let me start walking around to keep labor going. I started having better contractions again, and then I stopped. Then I walked more and started to have some again, and then it would dwindle. Bascially, we had decided that if I hadn't made any progress by about 11:30am when I got checked then we would go home. I had made it to 3cm and my cervix was still posterior, but stretchy so we figured we would keep at it and active labor would kick in. Fast forward, with a lot of walking and monitoring, to 4pm and I was checked again with no changes. I had been contracting still, but they just never got intense enough to get the ball rolling. 

So, we decided to go home. My midwife was willing to let us try a couple different things to get labor going, but the doctor that is filling in for my doctor (because he is out of town now) wanted to err on the side of caution and only let me go if my body was doing it all on its own because of the babies. We could have stayed, but I am glad we didn't. Although it is very discouraging, thinking we were going to be holding our babies by last night and having such a long and uncomfortable day, we would much rather know that they are ready to come out and be healthy. So, God knows best and we'll trust Him to get labor going when it is time.

As for me, I am very sore all over, and my stomach is very achy and uncomfortable. I think the contracting all day yesterday just got my muscles and body very worn out. However, I have not been having contractions hardly at all anymore since we left the hospital, so I am happy to be home at least. 

All that to say, today makes it 37 weeks that I have been carrying our Haylee & Callen. Although unexpected, we have made it to our original goal! It really is safe for them to come now, and their lungs should really be okay. Every day that I carry them longer just adds a little more safety and a little more weight to each baby, so, I really cannot complain. 
I have updated my belly pictures here and, a new one of my belly now compared to my belly with Noah at 37 weeks here. They really are neat to see. 

Thank you, everyone for your prayers and encouragement--especially yesterday. Any time now they will make their entrance! Please keep praying for me (emotionally and physically, it is just very draining) and keep praying that Haylee stays head down and cooperates. I promise to keep everyone updated when the time comes! :)

Here are some "do it yourself" maternity pics we snapped on Thursday (36 weeks, 5 days along) just so we have some nicer ones before they make their entrance!


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